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As an oil portrait artist sometimes I need to put my brush aside and pick up my pen. I want to brush aside  whatever keeps me from seeing what truly lies before me, hence the name of my blog.

I love puns and, in particular, I have great reverence for the double entendre. I use a lot of humor in both my teaching and my life. I love to laugh and have others laugh with me. Laughter is music to my ears. I feel sorry for all those people who go through life being serious artists. Yes, art can be a very demanding mistress, but if you can’t approach it joyously what’s the point?

There are a myriad of art blogs on the World Wide Web. I read a lot of what others are putting out there. Some I enjoy, but for the most part, I shake my head. I can’t believe how convoluted people’s minds are when it comes to painting and art. There is so much dogmatic thinking, and so many preconceived notions. It makes trying to find one’s artistic persona like dodging land mines on a battlefield. (Yes, I love analogies, too.) Isn’t becoming an artist challenging enough? Since I have yet to find a blog that mirrors my perspective on painting, teaching, art and life, I decided to create my own.

I see myself as a very fortunate person. I love what I do and I am surrounded by people I admire, respect and adore. I have no regrets and feel that my life has unfolded in the perfect manner. I’m truly grateful for the problems I’ve had to overcome, because my difficulties have always led me to a better place. Today I’m creating oil portrait paintings, like the one above, that are so far beyond what I ever imagined possible, and even better, so many of my former students are achieving great successes, too.

This blog is an opportunity for me to share the excitement and passion I have for painting and life. It’s also a vehicle where I can point out any absurdities that I believe others are missing. For years I’ve been asked, “When are you going to write your book?” This blog is my jump-start. My students will surely tell you that my two favorite things are painting and talking about painting, so working on this blog should be great fun, for me at least.


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    Thank you

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  3. I am looking forward to following…

  4. Beth Beck says

    I want to subscribe to your blog posts. Thank you

  5. I’m very happy to see your blog up and running. Long overdue if you ask me. I still follow your teachings from way back at SVA in every painting and job I do. Looking forward to reading all you have to share.

  6. Adriana Peña says

    I read about you in The Professional Artist magazine and would love to receive your blogs.

  7. Vivian Lehrer says

    Your perspective has been transformational for me and I’m profoundly grateful. I hope to learn with you much more in the future.

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