Meet the real Marvin Mattelson, Portrait Artist & Educator

No this isn’t me. It’s a portrait of the great model Dustin, painted by my student Sam Zanger during the last workshop I led at SVA, a couple of weeks back. This was a breakthrough painting for Sam, who has been studying with me for the equivalent of six semesters. Sam is a regular in my Saturday class.

I’ve been very busy lately finishing up my summer workshops, and trying to get everything ready for the fall semester at the School of Visual Arts, where I teach, so I’ve had to put my fledgling career as a blogger on temporary hold. Once I get things settled I’ll once again be churning out more provocative points of view, and when I have time, working on my commissioned portraits–just kidding, the portraits always come first.

This coming Wednesday and Thursday there will be two open houses at the school for students interested in finding out more information about continuing education classes–of which I teach two. I will be attending both these sessions, so if you’re in the neighborhood please stop by and meet the man behind the blog.

Wednesday, September 25

School of Visual Arts

133 West 21st St., Rm 602C, New York, NY.

6:30PM to 8:30PM.

Here’s one the following night.

Thursday,  September 26

School of Visual Arts

209 East 23rd St., Rm 311, New York, NY

6:30PM – 9:30PM

Until next time…


  1. Maria Gorra-Patek says

    Nice job, Sam. I was in class with you last summer. Lovely progress. Kudos!

  2. Christopher Czarnecki says

    Nice job Sam.
    I heard some comments last semester that Dustin was like a statue in his posing. ‘Wish I could be there this fall but it is not possible … maybe next time (?).

    • Sorry you can’t make it this fall. Last year you commuted 350 miles each way. That’s dedication. And the progress you made was outstanding.

      • Christopher Czarnecki says

        Thanks Marvin.
        I’m sorry I can’t make it this fall too. A lot of things fell into place for that to happen … and I didn’t get sick last winter (like I usually do) or have to deal with driving in snowstorms either. There simply isn’t anyone up here that can provide the kind of instruction that you provide.

        Oh well … I still have my paintings from your class staring at me in my apartment to keep me motivated for the time being.

  3. Sam Zanger says

    Wow. Thanks Chris and Maria for the comments, and thanks Marvin! I’ll see you in September.

  4. Hey Marvin,

    Great blog. I’m enjoying all of your articles.
    I read some interesting information about you in an article on Empty Easel.
    This is a link to the article:

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your blog articles.


    • Thanks Dan, glad you’re enjoying the blog. I appreciate your sharing the interview with Eric. It’s nice to hear he’s doing well and his thoughts about my teaching. He was a very sincere and hardworking student with immeasurable passion. I wish him the best.

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