New York City Portrait Artist Workshop-Demo Day #3

Today was my next to last demo for the August Portrait Artist Workshop at the School of Visual Arts. I worked on in my first refinement layer. The goal was to tweak color, values and drawing–not to finish anything. The first step was to scumble the existing painting to unify the lights and shadows. I then painted into the wet scumble and restated everything. The painting is now set up for my final pass on Thursday.

Here’s the painting after I restated the hair and background and scumbled over the lights and shadows:


Here I’m about halfway through restating the flesh tones:


At this point, I’ve revisited everything. Lastly I repainted the blouse.


Until next time…


  1. Carole Katz says

    I took the weeklong drawing workshop this summer and I wanted to express how amazing I thought the workshop was. I have taken many drawing classes, but none have ever come close to this. Marvin’s process and teaching methods are truly exceptional and can’t be found anywhere else. I feel very lucky to have taken his drawing workshop and to be taking his painting classes. The progress in my art has been remarkable.

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