Look Mom! I’m On National TV Tonight


Tonight, January 11, 2013, I’m being interviewed by Kate Snow for the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. It airs at 6:30 Eastern Standard Time. Please check your local listings.

The interview lasted 25 minutes and during that time I painted the above color study of Kate from life. It’s for a piece about the unveiling of Kate Middleton’s first official portrait. The entire segment will be lasting about a minute and a half so if you want to see me, don’t blink or go to the potty.

This all took place at The School of Visual Arts, in the studio space where I teach my classes and workshops. Kudos to them for getting it together at the drop of a hat.

All this happened today and Kate (Snow not Middleton) left a few minutes ago to edit the piece. It was pretty awesome and she seemed to genuinely like the portrait, especially the eyes, so I gave her the painting. The mouth was the most challenging aspect since she had to keep talking the entire time she interviewed me. It was tough because the lights were glaring in my eyes and I had to mix colors more from feel than visually. All things considered, it turned out better than I ever anticipated so I’m quite pleased with it. For 25 minutes worth of painting I think I did a credible job. I would have liked having more time, but, you know what they say, that’s show biz!

Until next time…