New York Portrait Artist Workshop Demonstration – Day 2


Yesterday I demonstrated my procedure for mixing up the colors on my palette. Today I laid in the color in a logical and methodical way and even had time at the end of the day to start the edge handling. Next up: the refinement stage. Below you can trace my steps, starting with the drawing correction and finishing up with the complete coverage of the underpainting.







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  1. Michael Cooley says

    All I can say is you my brotha is DA MAn!!! You are a fabulous painter. This is a true testament that if you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to get it. I recall you saying you thought you would not be able to paint well early on. I have to say, you’re one of the best painters I have ever seen shy of the masters of the past. Youre as good as many of the master and some you surpass. Im more than proud I was able to learn from you and will do all I can to study with you next year.

    Michael Cooley

  2. Great demonstration, thank you so much for sharing. Besides reading this blog and keep asking for your video (:), or even asking how likely a workshop in Europe will be…how would you recommend a beginner like me to start – with little baby steps? Which books you can recommend? Or what daily exercise?

    • I would love to do a workshop in Europe, but I’m not connected to any schools I’m waiting for an invitation from a reputable venue.

      It’s hard for me to recommend books because I invariably disagree with either some (in the best case scenario) or none (in the worst) of what they say. I like Harold Speeds books, on fundamental l principles, the most, but I don’t like his specific approach to painting. Those offer some good ideas. Hope that helps. My favorite book is Jan Vermeer of Delft by Philip L Hale.

  3. All little bits help of course, thank you for the book recommendations.

  4. This is a beautiful painting Marvin, I love the color variation in the face and the green really complimates it. Thank you.

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