Atlanta Portrait Artist Demo – Day 11 Demo

Fifth and Final Demo

Today I completed my demo painting. Not as refined as my portrait commissions, but a very good representation of my process, none-the less. It was a day of small touches, complete with many subtle hue and chroma shifts. First I worked on the hair and background, followed by the face, then the jacket and finally the last little facial adjustments.

Tomorrow my students will complete their paintings. I’ll be returning to Atlanta next June to lead another Portrait Artist Workshop at Binders Art Supplies and Frames.

As often as the painting changed it’s appearance, so did the name for it. It turns out that our model, Annie Jefferson, and I are both irrepressible punsters. First we started with Anne Maria, her official given name. Since Annie is a trained opera singer we went with Little Opera Annie, switched to Little Awesome Annie, and finally settled on Little Morphin’ Annie.