Underpaintings Blogspot – A Post About Me!

My former student and friend, Matthew Innis is the author of my favorite blog Underpaintings.

Underpaintings – A forum posted by Matthew D. Innis which celebrates excellence in Representational Art – past, present, and future.

Yesterday Matt posted about his experience as my student in the Continuing Education program at SVA and shared how he came to study with me. It’s a very nice read. If you have yet to visit his blog you’re in for a big treat.

Matthew also posted some of my pre-portraiture illustrations. If you’re not familiar with that aspect of my artistic development, you can see a little of what I used to do.

Another former student of mine, Nanci France-Paz, generously commented on her experience studying with me as well. I’m very grateful to all my past and present students who have nice things to say about the time we’ve spent together.

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